Professor por vocação

Professor por vocação

quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

Se liga aí!! HORA DE GANHAR O MUNDO!!! Text and exercises to the English Classroom - 1º A2 M A2 e A3 T-

Movie review:

"It is impossible to tell you what The Matrix is. You have to see it by yourself." This is what Laurence Fixhburne says. Fishburn plays Morpheus in this sci-fi thriller. But he is not alone.
Keanu Reeves plays Neo, a computer hacker who discovers that the world around him is a computer simulation called Matrix. He learns this from Morpheus (Laurence Fishbourn), who also tells him that the Matrix uses humans as fuel in their quest for total domination. Morpheus thinks Neo is the one who can destroy this artificial world. Neo doubts it, but in his adventures with Morpheus and the group of rebels, he starts to believe it and is ready to destroy the Matrix.
The movie is full of mind-blowing special effects. People can dodge bullets and walk on walls. The actors had to go through four months of hysical training before making the movie. But if you think they didn't enjoy these months, you're wrong. All of them really appreciated the training before the movie. And they also enjoyed the training that went on during the shooting.
Critics usually don't consider Reeves a very good actor. But in "The Matrix", he gives a great performance. He looks confused in the first part of the movie and cool in the second half. Just perfect. Fishburn is calm and thinks clearly: the perfect leader for the rebels. The audience loves them. Carri-anne Moss, who plays Trinity, has no problems in this movie full of male characters.
Directed by andy and Larry Wachowski, "The Matrix is one of the best movies ever...


1)Leia o texto todo, depois execute uma segunda leitura edentificando os cognatos.

2)Localize no texto:
a) Opiniões sobre o trabalho dos atores?
b) A opinião de um dos atores sobre "The Matrix"?
c)Uma descrição breve da trama?
d)Uma descrição breve dos principais efeitos especiais?

3)Responda as perguntas de acordo com as informações apresentadas no texto
a)Qual é a opinião de Fishburne sobre "The Matrix"?
b)Qual é a relação de Morpheus com Neo?
c)Quais são os movimentos dos atores descritos no texto?
d)Quanto tempo durou o treinamento antes do filme?
e)Qual é a opinião do crítico que escreveu a resenha sobre o desempenho de Keanu Reeves em "The Matrix"?

4)Na opinião do crítico de cinema que escreveu a resenha, devemos assistir ao filme "The Matrix"? Por quê?

5)Na frase "Neo doubts it, but in his adventures with Morpheus and the group of rebels he starts to believe it and is ready to destroy the Matrix, a palavra "But" indica:

6)Ache no texto a palavra que significa:
a)ser informado de algo :
b)seres humanos
c)destruir, arrasar
d)duvidar de
f)cheio, repleto
g)atuação, desempenho
i)do sexo masculino

7)Escolha a palavra que melhor completa as frases abaixo:

a))The Curies discovered/ invented radium.
b)Bells discovered/invented the telephone in 1876
c)He never says/tells goodbye.
d)He always tells/says lies.
e)Too much sugar can destroy/ruin your teeth.
f)An accident ruined/destroyed his football carrer.
g)I saw her in the street but didn't talk to her. She looked/ sounded ok.
h)I talked to her on the phone. She looked/ sounded ok.

Enjoy yourself!!

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